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Q: What kind of items should I send?
A: Use your imagination!  But if you’re not sure there is a list of items that are recommended, or have been sent in the past.  See Below

Q: How do I complete the required U.S. Customs Form?
A: The form is pretty self-explainatory, but if you’re still not sure you can visit website where you can complete the Customs Form online, it will walk you through the process.  Just remember “City=APO/FPO”; State=AE/AP”.

Q: What items cannot be sent?
A: Pretty much common sense rules here.  No alcohol; no pork products; no flammable items (i.e., lighters); no aerosols; no pornography or any magazines that show nudity; no explosive items (i.e, fireworks); no controlled substances/drugs/etc.; no literature that promotes any religion over another or insults any religion.  The Post Office has a complete list.

Q: What is a good way to ship the boxes?
A: USPS has Priority Mail APO/FPO Flat Rate Boxes well suited for shipping.

Shopping list ideas for care packages:

Hygiene/Health Items

**One-a-Day Vitamins for Men (pricey but the guys split the bottle amongst themselves)
**Lip Balm (like Carmex or Blistex) (winter or summer)
**Hand Lotion (I send Corn Huskers – no oil)
**Medicated Foot Powder
**Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
**Disposable Razors
**Bar Soap ( try not to send any that are ‘scented’)
**Shampoo/Conditioner (we usually just send an All-in-One)
**Dental Floss
**Hand Sanitizer
**Laundry Soap Powder (the Tide 15-load box fits perfectly in the large Flat Rate)
**Visine Eye Drops
**Shaving Powder
**Unscented Baby Wipes

Odds ‘n Ends

**Hand/Toe Chem Heat Packs (LOTS during winter – each pack is good for about 8-12 hours so they’ll need a bunch)
**AA/AAA/9v Batteries
**Zip Locks – for Trail Mix/munchies/baby wipes while on patrol
**Puppy Treats (most of the units seem to always have a pup or two hanging around)
**Flea Collars for all 3 (not sure how long a collar is good for)
**Puppy Chew Toys (so they’ll leave the guy’s boots & socks alone) *lol*
**Subdued/ACU Scarves; Full face/neck stocking cap like head gear (winter related)
**Water Treatment for their boots (especially during winter due to snow)


**Music CD’s (thinking anything except Opera) *lol*
**Movie DVD’s
**Computer Games
**Magazines of any kind
**Paperback books – NO ‘CHICK/LOVE STORY’ stuff !! *lmao*
**Puzzle Books
**Hometown Newspapers (any and all !! – Troops say they really enjoy the papers !!)
**Board Games
**Playing Cards (including Pinochle)
**Poker Chips

Tobacco (most requested)

**Copenhagen Long Cut
**Skoal Wintergreen & Mint Long Cut
**Marlboro’s seem to be the most popular (both reg and menthol)


**Sunflower Seeds
**Any chocolate and/or candy bars
**Vienna Sausages
**Honey (both as a treat and for field treatment of cuts/etc to kill bacteria)
**Powdered Fitness Water (Propel, Gatorade, etc) (Especially during summer - they fill their ‘camel backs’ with it instead of just straight water.)
**Folger or similar Coffee Singles (they’re like a tea bag – but coffee)
**Instant Hot Chocolate (any variety, i.e., with/without marshmallows, etc)
**Instant Oatmeal (we usually send variety boxes)
**Raisins (we usually send that 8-pack of little boxes)
**Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
**Trail Mix – any variety
**Dried Fruit – any variety
**Microwave Popcorn (they enjoy on those rare nights when they can sit down and watch a movie)
**Kraft Easy Mac (Mac & Cheese – just add water and microwave)
**Salted Peanuts
**Mixed Nuts
**Smoked Oysters
**Sardines (all varieties)
**Tuna / Chicken Foil Packs (all varieties)
**Ramen Noodles
**Bagged Mini-Candy Bars
**Bagged Individually Wrapped Candy (to pass out to Afghan kids)
**Twizzlers (Strawberry)
**Cheese/Cracker Handi-Snacks or similar
**Variety Packs of Chips
**Variety Packs of Cereals
**Little Debbie Fruit Pies / Brownies / Snack Cakes (watch expiration date)
**Energy/Granola Bars (all varieties)
**Hot Sauces – any brand is appreciated to ‘spice up’ the MRE’s
**Spices (Garlic Powder, Lemon-Pepper, etc – anything to improve MRE’s) *l*
**Lipton’s Rice Sides (just add water and microwave)
**Lipton’s Pasta Sides (just add water and microwave)
**Easy Mac (Mac & Cheese) (just add water and microwave)
**Beans & Weenies (No Pork & Beans or Deviled Ham ... !!!)
**Hormel Microwave Meals
**Beef Jerky / Slim Jims / Beef Nuggets / Beef & Cheese sticks (all varieties)
**Canned Soup (Once sent the largest Flat Rate stuffed with Hormel chili/soup - $15.95 for a 20lb box !!)

Hint: For instant chocolate; coffee; Easy Mac; or anything that comes with packs inside a box - remove items from the manufacturer’s box and just stuff into the box – saves a WHOLE lot of space that way. Trust me, the guys figure out what the little packs are and you can literally put twice the number of items into the box that way instead of just packing the manufacturer’s box.


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